Laptop repair Dundas
Inexpensive Computer Repair

We know how frustrating computers can be. The most difficult thing sometimes is to find someone that is on time as well as understanding the problem at hand.

Our prices are only $60.00 per hour but we do everything you need to fix the problem. There could be a printer to install, as well as network issues. Sometimes everything could be related to a virus or you may have even been hacked. Most of the time there are more then one pc’s to work with (this is where you really save money). If you were to price out all these jobs then you would find that it would be very expensive.

A lot of maintenance work can be done in an hour. Sometimes an hour is not enough because of the extreme hours involved (sometimes 18hrs) to fix it correctly. We can then give you a price that will determine whether something else would be better and supply everything you need so the transition is flawless.

But the main thing is WE DO IT ALL!

With over a quarter century of experience, the job always gets done no matter how old or new your computer equipment is.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Cash.